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Q1. Do you guarantee that I will pass my Practical Test?

No driving school can guarantee a pass this is up to the individual on how well you perform on the day. We however will make sure all our pupils are fully prepared for their practical test and would not book your test if we thought you were not ready.

Q2. Do I need to pass my Theory Test before the Practical Test?

Yes, you need to have passed both your Theory and Hazard Perception before undertaking your Practical Test

Q3. What age do I need to be to get an HGV/LGV licence?

The minimum age requirement to drive an HGV/LGV has changed from 21 to 18 years. This means you can drive a cat C+E vehicle (class 1) at 18

Q4. Is it cheaper to go with a driving agency?

A: No it is not. Agencies have many hidden charges which they will not tell you about. We are a family run business with our own fleet of vehicles. We have no hidden costs.

Q5. There are lots of driving schools around. How do I know I am getting the best value for money?

A: You must do your research with all driving schools before booking your course. If you are being quoted a very low rate in comparison to other training providers you must ask yourself why. All our LGV/ HGV Instructors are fully qualified and members of the DSA. Our Car Instructors are currently all fully qualified green badge holders also members of the DSA. We have a modern fleet of vehicles. These can be viewed from Our Homepage.

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